Our Services

Solar PV is an electrical source cheap, safe and with fully predictable outputs.
We provide clients with solar PV solutions that enable them to overcome the energy crisis, while investing in a solar system that gives them relief in terms of power.

Smart Congo supplies distributors countrywide, with inverters, solar panels, batteries and all other electrical components to complete a solar system and all electrical installations.

To become a distributor?
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The Smart Congo Team consists of able-bodied sales personnel, engineers and installers. Installations range from small residential installations, up to larger commercial facilities. Using state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies.


To ensure accurate, timely and efficient maintenance. Smart Congo’s systems are monitored with remote-access online software. Client’s maintenance plan includes scheduled site inspections after installation.


Our service in-house repairs of all electrical and electronic components of solar systems.


Our team of dedicated engineers, will part tech advise and design solution if needs be on all the matter related to energy sector.


With the help of international partners, Smart Congo will be hosting training at its facility, which will contribute in the youth development.